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Leaf WordPress Theme

Leaf WordPress Theme Leaf is a WordPress theme that’s provided by a very reputed creator in the theme development business. It comes as a great looking theme having a magazine style appearance. Resultantly, you’re provided the facility to display large amounts of content in a manner that your visitors and readers don’t feel strained going through.

This WordPress theme features a fairly light and clean design, allowing the content on your portal to get displayed in the most elegant way possible. Please also note that this theme is flexible and customizable in nature, with ample amounts of features which make it easy for you to set up and administrate your site in the most user-friendly way. On the whole, the Leaf WordPress theme has been found to be perfect for magazine style blogs, online news websites or for simple and ordinary blogs.

The theme has a very clean look and comes with a responsive design, ensuring that your website looks good both on the large size and wide desktop screens, as well on the small screens of mobile devices. In addition, it comes equipped with solid features, for instance, customized menus, SuperFish menu effects, built-in pagination, options panel, Google fonts, post formats and much more.

Let’s go over some of the main features of the Leaf WordPress theme:
- Fully Responsive: Ensuring easy access from all the popular platforms.
- Google fonts: Previously known as the Google web fonts, it’s an interactive directory of freely available web fonts. The idea is to provide you with an easy-to-use platform for discovering new and exciting web fonts!
- Child Theme Compatible: This compatibility ensures that a theme incorporates or inherits the properties and functionality of its parent WP theme. Child themes are often used whenever you wish to tweak or customize an already-existing WP theme, without losing the ability of upgrading that theme.
- Custom backgrounds: Allowing you to create, add or edit attractive new backgrounds for your WP website.
- Theme Options Panel: Enabling you to alter and improve various aspects of your WP theme.
- Ready for the latest WordPress version: You’ll always stay updated with the latest advancements in WordPress.
- Clean and Modern Design that can be effectively used for all kinds of websites, especially the magazine style kinds. This feature, along with the others, makes the Leaf theme one of the most attractive and popular free WordPress themes on the internet.
- Custom header: Allowing you to add customized headers to your WP website, thereby helping you create the desired effect on your visitors.
- Built-in pagination: Enabling you to easily split your different posts, or one single post into multiple pages for easy ‘paged’ navigation for the visitors.
- Custom menus: Create the menus that exactly fit your needs, never compromising on the functionality and design aspect of your website.
- SuperFish menu effects: The best you can get from a drop-down menu on a WordPress website! The Leaf theme makes it very easy for you to add the SuperFish menu effect to your portal. No coding experience needed.
- Cross Browser support: Support for all major browsers so that your visitors get to read your content no matter which web browser they may be using.
- Threaded Comments: Allowing for a higher level of visitors or reader engagement.
- SEO Optimized: Allowing you to make the most of the content posted by you on your website, by bringing it up in the search engine rankings.
- Eight post formats: Different post formats to help you present your content to the readers in the best manner possible.
- iView slider: An easy to use image slider having a responsive layout, animated captions and HTML.
- RTL language support: Whenever your website is loaded, WordPress detects if your chosen language is RTL or not. If yes, it automatically loads the rtl.css stylesheet, enabling your website to get displayed in RTL.
- and much more...

We can safely conclude that the Leaf WP theme is just the right kind of WP theme for the budding bloggers. Its interface is very modern and slick; and the layout is designed in such a manner that it delivers a chic touch to every website that’s created using it, without distracting the reader from the content or taking over the portal. After all, every writer needs a WordPress theme which although looks very good, retains the emphasis on the written content. The Leaf WordPress theme achieves this target very efficiently and does much more. Its responsiveness across all the devices ensures that visitors enjoy a smooth and memorable experience no matter where they may be accessing the website from, whether from a tablet PC, a smart phone or a laptop. The background, menus and headers are all customizable, allowing you to give your blog that much-needed personal touch, encapsulating your style.

Please note: It’s a well-established fact that Leaf WP theme is indeed an excellent one for all the budding bloggers. However, we’re not the people who own it. We’re merely providing you with a fair and unbiased description of it. Therefore, you can’t download the Leaf WP theme from this website. If you indeed wish to download the Leaf WP theme you can do it from the WordPress page.

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