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The Beginners Guide To Installing A WordPress Theme

There’s a worrying lack of decent tutorials on installing a WordPress theme, on the internet. This guide is for beginners to WP who have installed the blogging software on their domain recently, and want to get their blog up and running with a solid theme choice. There is also some helpful information in this article for the intermediate or advanced level WP users. Some WordPress administrators run a website for years without knowing that there are in fact three different ways to change the theme on your site. Some tutorial websites just dedicate a snippet of information to this section, but we feel that it is vital to know the basics in detail. We have laid it out in a concise yet clearly explained couple of paragraphs. As with anything, once the basic knowledge is obtained, advancing your skills is a fairly straightforward affair. This is because you’d have built a solid platform on which to learn more complicated things.

The first way to install a theme is by manual theme search in the admin section of WordPress. This is of relevance for people who want to install a theme straight from the WordPress theme directory or marketplace. After logging in to your WordPress dashboard, follow the path Appearance-Themes-Add New. On the next screen you’ll get the chance to choose from thousands of available themes. The great news is that they’re all free in this section. When you find a theme that you deem suitable for your website, click on the install button that appears when you hover over the theme. WordPress will now install the theme in the background. To use it, just click on activate once this has finished. Voila, new theme is sorted!

The next option is to install a theme using the upload feature. This is the method you want to choose if your theme is a premium one purchased from the likes of ThemeForest or StudioPress. It is also a good option for installing a custom theme that a developer has coded for you or even if you have coded it yourself. To install a theme this way, click Appearance-Themes-Add New-Upload. You will now need to browse for a .zip file which you would have downloaded after purchasing a premium theme. To install it, follow the same steps as for the above free themes. This feature is only available if you have a self-hosted WordPress site.

There is a third way which we won't go into much detail about here, but it is good to know that it exists. That is installing your WordPress theme via FTP. FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a simple way to transfer files from computer to computer. By connecting to your FTP host through WordPress, you can activate any themes that you have uploaded to the FTP host. Again this is all beyond the scope of this article, but we have mentioned it for the purpose of keeping you well-informed!

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