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Three Of The Best WordPress Themes For Writers/Bloggers

Three Of The Best WordPress Themes For Writers/Bloggers There is one thing you need to be clear about when starting a blog – you should use WordPress to manage it. This is by far the best approach for people such as writers who want to let the excellence of their content shine through. Learning how to code is a tortuous experience for people starting from scratch. Using WordPress means that you don't need to spend your time learning tough things like HTML and CSS. After a bit of a learning curve, and equipping yourself with knowledge of how to install WordPress and tweak it to your specifications, all the hard work is done. Then you can focus on delivering quality written content that is engaging, unique and provides value to readers.

Purist writers will argue that the over-saturation of the blogosphere from budding young authors seeking a location-independent lifestyle has led to an increasing and unnecessary amount of badly written blogs. Regardless of whether you are an adept writer, there is always room for improvement; so do not be detracted from starting a blog if it is what you really want to do. Just bear in mind the caveat that it is very difficult to make it as a successful blogger.

We recommend that you use WordPress for your blog because it is convenient, it is easy to learn, and best of all, it's free! The only expense you will incur from running a WordPress blog are from premium themes, plug-ins, and hosting fees if you decide to go with a paid host (which everyone should do). As long as you write good content, your blog should be a relative success in terms of people's perception of it.

One way to get the ball rolling for your blog is choosing the right theme. While good content should shine through on its own, there is no harm in giving yourself the best possible help to give visitors a good impression of your website. Many people think that a good WordPress theme is just relevant for serious businesses or people who want to showcase artistic things like graphic designs and photos. This could not be more wrong. A nice theme will give your WordPress blog some panache and refinement. First impressions count for everything and engaging content will only be read if the users want to stick around on your website.

With all of this in mind, we have grouped together a list of what we believe are three fantastic WordPress themes for beginners to the blogosphere. Without further ado:

Leaf Theme. This is a wonderful theme for budding writers. The interface is slick and modern. The layout is designed in such a way that it adds a chic touch to your site without appearing to take over or distract from the content. After all, as a writer you want a theme that looks good whilst retaining emphasis on the article you write. Leaf theme achieves this goal and more. It is responsive across all devices ensuring that visitors to your new blog will have a memorable and smooth experience regardless of whether they are browsing on the latest smart phone or an age old desktop computer. You can also customize the background, headers and menus to give your blog that personalized touch that encapsulates your style. Download the Leaf theme today at https://wordpress.org/themes/leaf/.

Morning Time. This is another great theme for WordPress blog enthusiasts. Its stylish and ultramodern design enhances any writing blog and provides that touch of class that authors want to see. There is a wonderful archive feature so that you can group together all of your favourite posts into one collection. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Morning Time theme is its speed. A fast loading set of pages on your blog will leave a lasting impression among users, especially the ones who are well aware of professional websites and pay close attention to the finer details. Another winning feature of this theme is the support provided when you buy it. This means that should you run into any issues, their dedicated team will always be on hand. WordPress can sometimes run into unexpected errors, much like any content management system. Knowing there is good support available means you can concentrate on the quality of your content safe in the knowledge that support is available. See the theme for yourself here: https://wplook.com/theme/personal-blog-wordpress-theme/.

Smart Blog. This is a brilliant theme for the more experienced WordPress user. It offers loads of different features that can be used to jazz up the look of your blog and design it to specific styles. The aforementioned Leaf theme is more suited to beginner bloggers but if you have a stellar understanding of WordPress under your belt, the Smart Blog theme could prove to be your best bet. The control panel features dozens of custom widgets, three different layout styles, and full screen background. This theme stands out for WordPress users who do not want to settle with the bare essentials on their theme. Maybe you are of the opinion that a truly customized and captivating theme will get your blog more visitors. If that is the case, you need to check this one out. You can find more information on the Smart Blog theme here at http://themeforest.net/item/blog-theme-smartblog/13544895.

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